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The Importance Of Regular Massage

Getting massages regularly is more than just a luxury, it is essential to our overall health.  Massage Therapy has been around for thousands of years and it is a preventative method for many health issues. It can help reduce mental stress that manifests physically. Getting a massage on a monthly basis helps to maintain and balance the body. Bringing oxygen back into the muscles and tissues to help with mobility, it prevents injuries and helps reduce anxiety and depression. 

Our Treatments

Soothe and Ease Pain


60 Minutes

Healing Massage

A therapeutic massage designed to alleviate tension and muscular stress. This 60 Minute minute treatment will help with anxiety, stress and promotes circulation. It will bring back the balance the body needs and you will feel energized after. Essential oils are added to help reduce inflammation and soreness. Pressure is adjusted to personal preference.

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Reduce Stress


90 Minutes

Healing Massage 

This ninety minute treatment uses specialized techniques to concentrate on specific areas of concern to restore and heal overextended muscles. Enhance the experience with healing hot stones ($30, Back & Neck Only). The relaxing energy of warm stones combined with a very relaxing massage, melts away stress and promotes an inner calm. 

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Spa Treatment


75 Minutes

Healing​ Trio

Pure bliss. Delight the senses with a seventy-five minute treatment. This intensely relaxing blend of massage, aromatherapy and hot stones is dedicated to the three most sensitive and therapeutic areas of the body: your head, hands, and feet. Tension dissolves away, leaving only comfort and well-being to your body and mind. 

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Now Offering...

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

$35 - Add-On (Back and Neck Only)

$145 - 60 Minutes

$215 - 90 Minutes

​A natural antimicrobial that helps to detoxify and nourish your skin and body.

Non-abrasive exfoliant, it lightly exfoliates and is highly relaxing.

Promotes healthy blood sugar and helps lower blood pressure.
Supports a healthy respiratory system and sinuses.
Boosts bone health and prevents muscle cramps.
Improves circulation, relieves anxiety and addresses insomnia.
Emits negative ions when heated, delivering a myriad of health benefits - from higher mental alertness to protection from germs in the air.

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